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Gifts Under 25

16 - 25 Gift Ideas

If you are on a tight budget and looking for gifts under 25 (ranging between 16 and 25), then you are in the correct place. Check out all the gifts including, personalised gifts, bottle gifts and engraved gifts below to find the perfect gift with the perfect price tag.

The selection of presents on this page, such as the engraved flutes, engraved lighters, wedding frames, champagne gifts and wine gifts plus all the rest are suitable for wedding gifts, engagement presents and thank you wedding gifts for many members of the bridal party including the bridesmaid, best man, ushers, mother of the bride and groom, as well as father of the bride and groom too.
Gifts Under 25
Engraved Stainless Steel Hip Flask 2 oz Polished

An engraved stainless steel hip flask weighs 2oz as a unique engraved gift for him or for her.
Engraved Stainless Steel Hip Flask 6oz
(WB-9919/6GF OR ?-GLY1019)

A 6oz engraved stainless steel hip flask with funnel. Free engraving and UK delivery on this perfect gift for men.
Engraved Golf Stainless Steel Hip Flask Gift 6oz

An engraved hip flask gift for golf enthusiasts with free UK delivery.
Engraved Usher Hip Flask Gift with Stars

An engravable Usher hip flask - simply add your message to the base of the hip flask gift to complete.
Scootering Forever Engraved Lighter

A special engraved wedding gift for passionate scooterists - simply add your personalised message on the next page.
Skull and Cross Bones Engraved Lighter

A special engraved gift for ushers, the best man and pirates - simply add your personalised message on the next page.
Silver Plated Personalised Money Box ABC Cube
(MG W-4704)

A personalised silver plated ABC money box makes an ideal thank you gift for children.
Silver Money Box Octagonal ABC

A silver plated personalised money box gift in an octagonal shape ideal for page boy gifts.
Silver Plated Money Box Football Shoe

A silver plated money box gift for page boys and ushers in the shape of a football shoe.
Personalised Train Money Box Gift

A personalised silver plated money box in the shape of a train makes a special gift for children and adults alike.
Silver Plated Piggy Bank

A personalised piggy bank gift, ideal for page boys and flower girls as a thank you wedding gift.
Silver Plated Personalised Money Box Noahs Ark
(WB-WY5086 / JD-MT8615)

An engravable silver plated money box in the shape of the Noahs Ark boat. Free UK engraving!
Personalised Money Box Tractor

Give this personalised silver money box tractor as a page boy gift, or as a best man or usher present.
Engraved Silver Penknife Keyring

An engraved penknife containing a knife, nail file and scissors with free UK delivery.
Engraved Keyring with Pink Shoe

The perfect gift for bridesmaids with a shoe fetish, just add a name to complete.
Personalised Blue Roller Ball Pen Set

Louis Codan blue roller ball engraved pen set with free engraving and free UK delivery.
Engraved Ballpoint Pen in Raven Black
(JD-1621 Norwich)

A chunky, yet elegant raven black personalised pen gift set with silver embellishment. Free UK Delivery!
Ballpoint Engraved Pen in Satin Black and Chrome
(JD-1622 Norwich)

A satin black and chrome personalised ballpoint pen for a unique engraved gift set.
Ballpoint Engraved Pen in Sporty Green
(JD-1623 Norwich)

Personalised pen gift, which is perfect as a thank you present for best man or page boys for example.
Funky Personalised Pen Black and Chrome
(JD-1822 Harrisburg)

An excellent engraved pen gift set for friends and family who like things to be a bit quirky. Free engraving!
Engraved Pen Black Ballpoint
(JD-1321 Freemont)

A very classy and chic personalised pen in black, just add your message up to 15 characters for best engraving results.
Engraved Pen Satin Chrome Ballpoint
(JD-1322 Freemont)

An extremely elegant personalised pen in a satin chrome colour, which just looks magnificent.
Engraved Ballpoint Pen Chrome and Gold
(JD-1123 Lexington)

Engraved pens make special gifts, so why not add your message to this Franklin Covey pen today?
Personalised Pure Chrome Fountain Pen
(JD-1162 Lexington)

Engraved pens make unusual and personalised gifts, choose this fountain pen for a special present for him or her.
Engraved Burgundy Ballpoint Pen
(JD-1132 Freemont)

A gorgeous personalised pen gift, all ready to have your message etched on to it.
Wooden Engraved Pen

A personalised gift made from wood, which looks fabulous engraved with our laser engraving machine.
Engraved Aston Villa Dog Tag with Official Crest
(1 x PFG-Aston Villa Dog Tag Pendant)

A high quality metal dog tag with Aston Villa club crest engraved on to it with space for a forename.
Engraved Manchester United Dog Tag
(1 x PFG-Man Utd Dog Tag Pendant)

Manchester United dog tag with the wording MAN UTD and space for any surname and shirt number to be engraved also.
Engraved Cufflinks Oval Satin Gift Set

Oval satin finish engraved cufflinks set in a gift box for a unique wedding gift idea for the groom,or as thank you gifts.
Engraved Silver Plated Oval Cufflinks Gift Set

Two engraved silver plated oval cufflinks to give as an ideal wedding gift for him presented in a gift box.
Engraved Rhodium Plated Oval Cufflinks Set

A pair of engraved rhodium plated oval cufflinks presented in a gift box to give as a wedding gift for him.
Engraved Cufflinks Rectangular Brushed Nickel Plated

An engraved rectangular cufflinks set, the perfect gift for father of the bride or father of the groom.
Engraved Cufflinks Rectangular Set

Engraved high polished rectangular cufflinks set presented in a gift box as a personalised gift for him.
Engraved Cufflinks Oval Set

Two engraved oval cufflinks in a gift set for a unique wedding gift or thank you gift for best man.
Engraved Cufflinks Round Set

A personalised cufflinks set of two round cufflinks with free engraving as a unique wedding gift for him.
Engraved Cufflinks Square Set

Two square engraved silver cufflinks in a set as gorgeous personalised gift for men.
Engraved Gold Plated Oval Cufflinks Gift Set

Two engraved gold plated oval cufflinks set presented in a gift box, which make an ideal engraved gift for him.
Engraved Cufflinks Bevelled Square Set
(WB CL118C)

Two bevelled square engraved cufflinks set perfect as a gift for groom.
Roulette Engraved Paperweight

A desk engraved paperweight in a roulette design with fast and free UK delivery.
Magnifying Glass Gift

An unusual gift for father of the bride or groom, a pocket magnifying glass presented in an engraved box.
Engraved Notepad and Pen Desk Set

An engraved desk set with memo pad and pen for an engraved gift idea for men.
Engraved Desk Tidy Set

A personalised photo frame desk set with frame, notepad, pen and paper clip holder, the perfect photo gift.
Engraved Zippo Brushed Chrome
(Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter)

An engraved Zippo lighter made of brushed chrome with free engraving.
Engraved Brass Zippo Lighter Brushed

An engraved brass Zippo lighter with brushed finish for a unique engraved gift with free UK delivery.
Engraved Zippo High Polished Chrome

Engraved Zippo Lighter in high polished chrome colour presented in an authentic Zippo box.
Engraved Zippo Golf Gift

An engraved Zippo lighter golf gift idea with free UK delivery and free engraving.
Engraved Golf Tool

Everything you ever needed on the golf course in a practical and solidly made multi function tool.
Engraved Mini Screwdriver Multi Tool

A multi-head mini screwdriver set with 2 Phillips and 2 flat head screws - engraved pocket tool gift.
Engraved Chianti Classico Wine Gift

Give this engraved Chianti Classico with your own message as personalised bottle gifts for weddings and engagements.
Engraved White Wine Bottle Gift

A bottle of engraved white wine bottle for a unique personalised wine gift for him or for her.
Engraved Rose Wine Bottle Gift

A special engraved rose wine bottle gift, ideal for a bridesmaid gift or just as a gift for her.
Personalised Vodka Bottle Gift

Give a vodka bottle gift as a personalised wedding gift or unique thank you gifts for him or for her.
Engraved Sambuca Bottle

A bottle gift of engraved sambuca, ideal for those who love this anise tasting alcoholic drink. Free engraving.
Engraved Bottle of Port

Luxury engraved bottle gifts of port wine are ideal as classy thank you gifts and personalised wedding presents.
Engraved Pink Cava

A personalised bottle gift of Cava for a sparkling engraved gift idea.
Engraved Cava

An engraved bottle of sparkling wine, for a unique personalised wedding gift.
Engraved Red Wine Bottle Gift

An engraved wine bottle gift, just add a message to the bottle, choose the wine and wait for this personalised gift to be delivered.
Engraved Glass Tankard Small

A small engraved glass tankard large enough for 12 fl oz. Add a custom message for a unique personalised gift.
Large Glass Beer Tankard Engraved

This is a large 16 fl oz beer glass, which will be engraved with a name and/or message for a unique glass gift.
Personalised Wedding Album

A silver plated wedding photo album for a personalised wedding gift.
Pink Champagne Box with Accessories

A stylish champagne box for girls, which includes 3 champagne accessories to complete a champagne gift.
Wooden Champagne Box with Accessories

A champagne box in a dark wood colour with three champagne accessories
Personalised Gift Box for Two Bottles

This double wooden bottle gift box can be personalised with your own message, a photo and some graphics. Ideal way to complete a bottle gift.
Mini Champagne Moet 20cl

A bottle of 20cl moet and chandon for a cute thank you gift that will not break the bank.
Asti Wine Set with Atlas Box

Give this sparkling wine gift set as a celebration gift for weddings and engagements.
Asti Gift Set with Barrel Bottle Box

Give this sparkling italian wine set as a wedding thank you gift or an engagement gift. Fast UK delivery!
Asti Wine Set with Pink Box
(BO-ASTI + LW-LG605374PL)

A sparkling wine gift combining 75cl Asti with a faux leather pink bottle box for a pretty wine gift set.
Cava Wine Set with Atlas Box
(S-CAVA + LW-LGAT-7432)

Spanish cava wine inside an atlas bottle box for an affordable wine gift.
Pink Cava Wine Set with Atlas Box

A bottle of rose cava inside a bottle box for a unique cava gift set for wedding gifts or thank you presents. Fast UK delivery.
Brut Cava Gift Set with Barrel Box
(S-CAVA + LW-LGAT-7537)

A bottle of 75cl cava presented inside a barrel bottle box for a traditional cava gift set as a wedding gift or thank you present.
Pink Cava Wine Gift Set with Barrel Box

This pink cava wine gift set makes a great bridesmaid gift or wedding present for bride and groom.
Cava Gift Set with Wine Labels Box
(S-CAVA + LW-LG013)

A bottle of Spanish cava inside a funky gift box for an affordable sparkling wine set.
Sparkling Pink Wine Set with Atlas Box

Funky sparkling pink wine inside a traditional atlas bottle box for a quick, but special wedding present or thank you gift.
Sparkling Pink Wine Set with Barrel

A barrel bottle box set that fits a sparkling rose wine bottle in nicely for a special wine gift.
Personalised Teddy Bear Shaggy
(MT-12 inch PTeddy Bear)

Shaggy Personalised Teddy Bear - Make Your Own Teddy by personalising the t shirt for a cute gift. Free UK Delivery.
Animal Prints on Canvas Gift Tin
(Animal Prints on Canvas)

Keep your pets paw prints with this touching personalised photo gift idea.
Baby Prints on Canvas Gift Tin

A personalised photo gift idea - priceless keepsake of your baby. Free UK delivery.
Family History Gift Tin

Uncover your family history with this unique gift tin, which makes an ideal father of the bride or groom gift.
Personalised Whisky

Give a personalised whisky bottle for best man or usher gifts. Design your whisky label fast for a fab personalised photo gift.
Personalised Vodka
(P-Vodka Gift)

Personalised vodka bottles make unique thank you wedding gifts for bridal party. Design your vodka label for a personalised bottle gift now.
Personalised Port Gift

Give a port gift, but in the form of a personalised port gift. Design a label to add to the port bottle quick and easily here.
House Champagne Bottle

A bottle of french house champagne for an affordable champagne gift.
House Rose Champagne Bottle

A bottle gift of house rose champagne for an affordable champagne gift.
nonePersonalised Sambuca Bottles

Personalised Sambuca Bottles
Wedding Rings Engraved Frame

A landscape engraved wedding frame with rings to give as a wedding gift for bride and groom. Just add some text to complete the engraved gift.
Wedding Bells Engraved Frame

A personalised wedding photo gift for bride and groom, just add a message.
Wooden Personalised Photo Frames Landscape

Personalised frames made from wood with free UK delivery. Choose the landscape frame size. From £20.99
Wooden Engraved Frames Portrait

Choose a personalised photo frame made from wood from our range of portrait sizes for perfect wedding frames from £20.99
Gold Engraved Photo Frames Portrait

Choose a gold engraved frame from a range of portrait sizes for beautiful personalised photo gifts.
Engraved Silver Handbag Mirror

Our bestselling personalised handbag mirror ideal as thank you wedding gifts for bridesmaids and mothers, as well as a bridal gift.
Engraved Compact Mirror Silver

Another one of our beautiful engraved compact mirror gifts for a classic personalised present.
Engraved Mirror Gift with Blue Crystals

Personalised handbag mirror gift with crystals presented in a pouch and gift box. Free UK delivery.
Engraved Compact Mirror with Pink Crystals

An engraved compact mirror gift finished with decorative pink crystals in the shape of an envelope as a personalised wedding gift for her.
Engraved Heart Mirror
(JU-HM728/ WY1770)

A romantic wedding gift perfect for the bride from the groom, add your message to the mirror on the next page!
Engraved Best Man Hip Flask Gift with Stars

Add your message to this best man gift in the form a of 6oz best man hip flask for unique personalised best man gifts.
Best Man Hip Flask with Stars 6oz

A 6oz hip flask with the wording Best Man and star motif. Free UK delivery on all our best man gifts.
Bridesmaid Champagne Flute with Butterflies

A single champagne glass gift for bridesmaids with the word Bridesmaid and butterflies engraved on one side presented in silver box.
Silver Mirror Hexagonal Compact Handbag Mirror

A sturdy looking engraved silver compact mirror in a hexagonal shape, for an unusual compact mirror gift idea for her.
Engraved Vodka Glasses
(ARC-40391 + RC-BOX)

Two engraved vodka glasses gift set for an unusual glass gift perfect for best man and usher gifts.
Engraved Whisky Glasses Set
(ARC-40391 + RC-BOX)

Two engraved whisky glasses in a gift box for an unusual thank you gift for father of the bride or groom.
Engraved Wine Glasses 31cl

Personalised wine glasses set for special wedding thank you gifts and wedding present ideas.
Engraved Champagne Flute
(ARC-e1523 (one) + CB-D007 )

A single engraved champagne glass with short stem - add your message for a useful thank you gift idea. Free UK delivery.
Engraved Jasmine Crystal Champagne Flute
(ROW-JasFlute (one) + ROW-RC2)

Single personalised champagne glass made from jasmine crystal in a satin lined gift box with your message. Free UK delivery.
Personalised Champagne Glass Black Stem
(ARC-eE9491 +ROW-RC2)

17cl black stemmed engraved champagne glass in satin lined gift box - add your message to complete. Free UK delivery.
Silver Plated Frame Hearts

Engraved 4 x 6 silver plated photo frame with hearts as a personalised photo gift for weddings
Personalised Heart Photo Frame
(JD-61757 / WB-FS105857)

Add a message to this romantic satin heart picture frame to create a personalised photo gift for loved ones.
Mother of the Bride Cocktail Glass

Looking for personalised Mother of the Bride Gifts? If so, why not add her name to this fun cocktail glass?
Worlds Best Best Man Hipflask

One of our semi personalised best man gifts - a pre written message is complemented by a trophy for unique gift ideas to say thank you.
Engraved Best Man Cufflinks Round

A pair of chunky silver plated cufflinks which have the words best man pre-etched and there is space for a name on each in a gift box.
Usher Hip Flask with Stars 6oz

A 6oz stainless steel hip flask for Ushers for an affordable gift for your Usher to say thank you.
Worlds Best Usher Hipflask

Hip flasks make fun Usher gifts to say thank you - this hip flask goes one step better with Worlds Best Usher motif.
Engraved Silver Crystal Compact Mirror

An engraved silver crystal compact mirror to give as a special engraved gift for her.
Personalised Shot Glasses Set

Two personalised shot glasses presented in a gift box, ideal as a novelty engraved thank you gift or wedding present.
Engraved Silver Plated Compact Mirror Round

An engraved silver plated round compact mirror gift for her to be personalised with a message for a special engraved gift for her.
Personalised Desk Clock

A silver personalised desk clock in a modern style with space for engraving. Free UK delivery.
Black and White Handbag Mirror
(JU-7117 e)

A trendy and contemporary engraved compact mirror in enamel. Free Engraving!
Simple Engraved Flute Single
( ARC-D4213 + WBC-20S/CVN)

An engraved champagne flutes set for affordable bridesmaid gifts and thank you presents.
Single Engraved Crystal Glass Flute Set

A beautiful champagne flute made of crystal glass for a luxury engraved flute gift.
Engraved Black Flute
(W-BlackFlute + 10S/CVN)

Personalised thank you gifts perfect for bridesmaid presents and parents of the bride and groom.
Portrait Engraved Wedding Bells Photo Frame

An engraved wedding photo frame with bells for a personalised wedding photo gift for bride and groom. Free UK delivery.
Daisy Engraved Compact Mirror Gift for Bridesmaid

Personalised thank you wedding gift for bridesmaids; a bridesmaid compact mirror with daisy design in a gift bag. Free UK delivery.
Our Wedding Day Wedding Frame

A pretty photo gift wedding frame, which allows five photos to be added. Please note: this picture frame cannot be personalised.
Personalised Leather Desk Clock

A leather desktop clock with engravable plate comes with free UK delivery.
Engraved Compact Mirror for Mother of the Groom Daisy

An engraved compact mirror gift with a daisy design presented in a gift bag. Free UK delivery.
Engraved Compact Mirror Gift for Mother of the Bride

Personalised compact mirror gift for mother of the bride with a daisy design presented in a gift bag. Free UK delivery.
Engraved Handbag Compact Mirror for Maid of Honour

An engraved handbag mirror made of epoxy, which is silver plated with a daisy design presented in a gift bag. Add a personalised name.
Engraved Silver Compact Mirror Jennifer Square

A silver plated personalised compact mirror thank you gift for bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom.
Collage Wedding Frame

Engraved frame for a special personalised photo gift with all the bridal party. Perfect wedding bride and groom gift.
Gold Engraved Handbag Mirror

A gorgeous engraved compact mirror gift perfect as a wedding gift or engagement gift for her.
Engraved Compact Mirror with Red Heeled Shoe

This is one handbag mirror that really makes a stand with its black background and red high heeled shoe. Free UK Delivery.
Personalised Compact Mirror with Black Shoe

Give this engraved gift for her to the bride on her wedding day, or as a thank your present for bridesmaids.
Engraved Handbag Compact Mirror with Pink Jacket

An unusual engraved gift for her. To complete simply add a personalised message.
Engraved Mirror with Dragonfly Gift

The ideal thank your wedding gift for mother of the bride and groom. Free UK Delivery.
Engraved Silver Purse Mirror

A beautiful and thoughtful engraved gift, which can be personalised with your own message. Free engraving on this compact mirror gift.
Port Gift Box with Cheese Knives

The perfect way to present a bottle of engraved port. This gift box for port contains 4 cheese knives. Free UK delivery.
Gifts Under 25
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