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Champagne Toasting Flutes and their Significance for Celebrations

Cheers! When I hear that phrase, two things come in to my mind. Firstly, the show, Cheers! that used to be on TV, basically because I have always enjoyed being a bit of a couch potato, I mean what better way to pass your late teen years than watching an American sit-com based in a bar?! Secondly, and most importantly I remember all the good times that I have had; no matter what celebration or special event I have attended, I have always made a toast and used the word cheers along with everyone else, when it comes to speech time.

In the past, in particular in my childhood, I remember toasting to my parents wedding anniversaries, but not with a glass of some delicious nectar, no – in fact I quite clearly remember that it was with a red plastic beaker containing blackcurrant squash. When I reached my late teens, I managed to upgrade to toasting at my friends 18th birthday parties with half empty bottles of personalised wine. More recently though, I have been lucky enough to attend much more civilized and well structured events, such as the wedding of my two best friends, my sisters engagement, and some awards ceremonies. I have therefore become accustomed to toasting with a champagne flute in my hand. I thought it would be quite interesting to highlight what a champagne flute is, when one is used and why we use champagne flutes in adulthood to toast celebrations.

What are champagne flutes? :
Champagne flutes are specially designed vessels with a long narrow cup and long narrow stem of an equal length created to hold champagne in. The reason for the length of stem is so you do not hold the glass anywhere near the cup when wandering around, interacting with guests at a special event or when sitting chatting to friends and family at a wedding or engagement party for example. Holding the glass directly means your body heat will increase the temperature of the champagne, which will produce warmer champagne with fewer bubbles and consequently reduce the desired effect of consuming bubbly! The long stem, and narrow cup often made of glass sometimes found in a variety of colours, each different depending on the special event is designed to improve the temperature, taste and whole champagne drinking experience no matter what the occasion. To see some varied styles of champagne flutes, we suggest Champagne Flutes, which has a huge selection of champagne glasses for all occasions.

When do we toast with champagne toasting flutes? :
So, now we know the reason behind the shape of a champagne flute; where do we use them? Generally, champagne is a premium drink and is therefore associated with special occasions. Most commonly, we see champagne popped open at weddings, birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Often, champagne is also drunk at Christmas and around New Year in order to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Why do we toast at celebrations?
Clinking champagne flutes, no matter whether they be Birthday Champagne Flutes to mark milestones, Anniversary Flutes, used year upon year to recognise and celebrate another year of marriage, or Engraved Flutes given as wedding gifts or as engagement gifts, it just adds to the effect of the celebration and has therefore become a traditional symbol to celebrate success and a new era.

Champagne is a stylish gift, we should enjoy champagne in the style it is meant for, particularly at weddings using wedding champagne flutes.
Date posted: 16/03/2010

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Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Value for money. Great service.
Star rank:
Grannyj (26/04/2013)
Personalised Swarovski Champagne Glasses
I purchased these champagne flutes as a gift for my daughter. I ordered them on the Saturday and received them on the Tuesday after receiving a text message to advise me what time they would arrive. They are really lovely and I am sure she will love them when she receives them on her wedding day in a few weeks time. I would definitely recommend this company.
Star rank:
Mary Brown (01/04/2013)
Fusion Crystal Champagne Flutes Set
Pre ordering i had very helpful staff on phone. Order when arrived was excellent just what we wanted delivered incredibly speedily and with an hour delivery slot. Outstanding! I have already been promoting the website to friends.
Star rank:
Fionne Harrington (29/03/2013)
Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Engraving was higher up than requested, not in the middle, but the speed of delivery, packaging and the communication were fantastic.
Star rank:
Jk Cauldwell (10/01/2013)
Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Very pleased with finished product. Will be looking at purchasing in the future.
Star rank:
Grannyj (26/09/2012)

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