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Drink Dom Perignon from the finest Champagne Flutes

As mentioned previously Dom Pérignon is a famous champagne first produced by a French Benedictine monk in the 17th Century. As legend and truth both have it, Dom Pérignon was consumed from champagne glasses by kings and members of the Army since early in it’s production, and has therefore been associated with prestige, fame and power from the very beginning. For example, even today, Dom champagne is still associated with these fine qualities and is often cracked open to celebrate landmark birthdays including at 21st birthday and 18th birthday celebrations, weddings, engagements and at christenings.

Having this great bottle of champagne to share, it is only right to drink the contents out of the correct glassware. Wine glasses and plastic cups just will not cut it! Simply because champagne has lots of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide in it and the glass needs to be the correct shape to be able to maintain these bubbles that were originally created by the Benedictine monk. In the early days, champagne was normally consumed from bowl shaped glasses with a stem, called a coupe (which was invented in England in around 1663). The shape and style of this original glass did not hold the assortment of bubbles well, as well as making the liquid go warm quickly and thus reducing the drinking experience of Dom Pérignon champagne, as well as all the other champagne from the region of the same name. Champagne enthusiasts and champagne connoisseurs much prefer the champagne flute to drink bubbly from. Champagne flutes are tall and thin with a lip that curves in slightly at the top of the glass. These champagne flutes allow the bubbles to be concentrated and allows to bouquet to be savoured, escalating the champagne experience.

There are a number of champagne flutes available on the market place; some with patterns like diamante flutes, crystal champagne flutes in fusion design, as well as engraved pewter flutes. You could get these engraved flutes to give if you were presenting Dom Perignon as a gift, to get the maximum drinking experience from drinking "the world's best wine".

Date posted: 31/03/2010

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Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Value for money. Great service.
Star rank:
Grannyj (26/04/2013)
Personalised Swarovski Champagne Glasses
I purchased these champagne flutes as a gift for my daughter. I ordered them on the Saturday and received them on the Tuesday after receiving a text message to advise me what time they would arrive. They are really lovely and I am sure she will love them when she receives them on her wedding day in a few weeks time. I would definitely recommend this company.
Star rank:
Mary Brown (01/04/2013)
Fusion Crystal Champagne Flutes Set
Pre ordering i had very helpful staff on phone. Order when arrived was excellent just what we wanted delivered incredibly speedily and with an hour delivery slot. Outstanding! I have already been promoting the website to friends.
Star rank:
Fionne Harrington (29/03/2013)
Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Engraving was higher up than requested, not in the middle, but the speed of delivery, packaging and the communication were fantastic.
Star rank:
Jk Cauldwell (10/01/2013)
Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Very pleased with finished product. Will be looking at purchasing in the future.
Star rank:
Grannyj (26/09/2012)

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