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How to Shop for a Champagne Flutes Set

If you delight in drinking sparkling wine and champagne after a hard dayís work, or in the evening at a dinner party with friends, well you may enjoy it even more when the bubbly you are drinking is served from the right flutes set. Each champagne flutes set varies in terms of the style of champagne glass and number of glasses contained within them. So, when you shop for flutes, simply keep in mind your own needs and preferences, because really there is no set rule as to how many champagne glasses you are allowed to own!

Instructions on How to Shop for a Flutes Set

Follow these simple instructions however, to make sure you get it right and donít end up spending over the odds for nothing on your wedding flutes or flute sets:

Step 1:
Shop for a set of champagne flutes. Flutes work well for sparkling wine and champagne because of their tall, slim and narrow shape, which stops the fizzy bubbles from escaping too quickly, leaving you with a refreshing and crispy taste in the mouth. The narrow vessel also offers the best way to enjoy the bouquet and keeps the aroma from dispersing too rapidly, thus allowing you to enjoy your gift of champagne more fully.

Step 2:
Choose tulip shaped glasses for sparkling wine and champagne. The wide bowl allows the wine to aerate thoroughly, mixing with oxygen and releasing its bouquet. The narrow lip holds the bouquet at the top of the glass, so that you can savour the aroma whilst drinking it.

Step 3:
Donít buy coupe glasses to drink champers from, by that I mean the style of glass with the medium stem, short bowl and wide rim. Simply because it forces the bubbles to form poorly in the glass and pop far too quickly and leads to the bouquet dissipating before it can be enjoyed.

Step 4:
Choose crystal champagne glasses for an elegant look at your table. Crystal reflects light better than regular glass and has the renowned ringing sound when tapped with something, perfect for toasting special occasions including wedding and engagements! Many people enjoy the beauty and elegance of a crystal champagne set that includes a decanter, ice bucket and glasses.

Step 5:
Shop for a clear glass champagne set if you prefer to see your wine visually. Wine and champagne connoisseurs like to see their wine before and during drinking to examine its colour and clarity. Clear glass, above coloured, tinted or cut crystal glass, allows you to do this well.

Step 6:
If youíre buying some champagne flutes sets, ensure you get one extra set, just in case you manage to break the odd glass; thereís nothing worse than having matching and non-matching champagne flutes when youíre trying to create a mood. It will mean not having to rush out and get a new set straight away.

Now, there you have it! Shopping for a champagne flutes set could not be much easier, just take into account the style of flute and the mood youíre trying to create; do you want a crystal glass set, a coloured flutes set or your everyday champagne flutes made with glass? Also, ensure you buy an extra set, just in case! You may also wish to shop for engraved flutes as an unusual addition to your champagne flute sets.

Date posted: 21/05/2010

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Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Value for money. Great service.
Star rank:
Grannyj (26/04/2013)
Personalised Swarovski Champagne Glasses
I purchased these champagne flutes as a gift for my daughter. I ordered them on the Saturday and received them on the Tuesday after receiving a text message to advise me what time they would arrive. They are really lovely and I am sure she will love them when she receives them on her wedding day in a few weeks time. I would definitely recommend this company.
Star rank:
Mary Brown (01/04/2013)
Fusion Crystal Champagne Flutes Set
Pre ordering i had very helpful staff on phone. Order when arrived was excellent just what we wanted delivered incredibly speedily and with an hour delivery slot. Outstanding! I have already been promoting the website to friends.
Star rank:
Fionne Harrington (29/03/2013)
Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Engraving was higher up than requested, not in the middle, but the speed of delivery, packaging and the communication were fantastic.
Star rank:
Jk Cauldwell (10/01/2013)
Luxury Engraved Flutes Set
Very pleased with finished product. Will be looking at purchasing in the future.
Star rank:
Grannyj (26/09/2012)

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